Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Could This Be A Cure For Diabetics?

It would have been criminal if I did not alert you about this.

Diabetics is a truly horrid disease and its a leading cause of other ailments such as heart attacks, strokes, amputaions, blindness etc.

And over 200million people worldwide are suffering from it.

You need help! And now.

Would it be right to hold on to information that would be very beneficial? I do not think so.

Let me give you this wonderful story:

There was this old man who was very ill. His sugar levels had risen to such high levels that it left him incapacitated. When his son came from the city and met his father ill, he remembered a certain product that a female friend of his was marketing. It was a special reinforced calcium product from a Chinese herbal firm. It was reinforced with anti-diabetes properties.

Within a few days of taking this herbal product, the old man was as strong and as healthy as a 25year old athlete! He couldn't believe it. This was an ailment that traumatised him for years and now he was as fit as a fiddle!

Out of excitement, he commenced visiting pharmacies in the neighbourhood but unfortunately could not locate the product. His son later informed him that it was a MLM product and was only sold through networking. Fortunately for him, his son knew the source and could always get his father a regular supply.

Whats the name of the product? High Nutrient Calcium Powder II from the Chinese firm TIANSHI.

Now thats a happy ending.

What this shows is that there are products out there that perform outstanding results against diabetes!

If you want instantly help, it would be a crime if I held this from you.

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This e-book was written by Julia Han.

This womans went into a life long quest to banish diabetes because her spouse was a sufferer and it was having a devastating impact on her marraige and life.

Her quest was successful and she shares a lot of the secrets she came across like:

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3. Why the drug companies are hoarding vital information.

4. And what more she reveals the dietary supplements that work wonders and those that fail!

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The Second book was written by Mark Anastas.

This is a scientist came out with new treatments and formulas that had amazing results. Read one below:

1. “Dear Mark.
I would like to congratulate you for entire vision and approach of such an important and tremendously necessary subject, maybe the most stringent problem in our millennium.
For me it was a great impact, reading your approach, I changed radically my behaviour.
I feel better, I'm in good shape, my glycemic level it's down from 240 to 140 and sometimes 128-130.
Thank you for everything.
Dr. Niki Iosefovtz”

His treatment has amazing results against type 1 diabetics is even more amazing! Your childs diabetes is now only an ebook away.

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With the above informations in your hands, you can start living your life to the full! What stops you from having a happy ending right away?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Management of Diabetes

Well, it is generally said that there is no cure for diabetes but only ways to manage it.
About there not being a parmanent cure may be somewhat correct but about managing it, it is absolutely right.

Proper management will give you several additional and may I add beneficial years to your life. It need not be the end.

Upon hearing one is down with this ailment, you feel as though you've been hit by a train and unfortunate- you are not Hancock!You may mutter to yourself, "Why me"
You need not worry, as long as you manage it well, you have really little to worry about.
The first thing you should if you suspect something is wrong is to visit your doctor. Signs of diabetes are normally noticed through serious dehydration occasioned by frequent urination and drinking of water.

I remember this tale where a wife observed that her husband diabetic through his frequent visits to the toilet. It was like every 30minutes, he would dart off to go pee. She also noticed he was drinking quite frequently. She pointed all these too him. And sure enough, when he visited his doctor, he told him he had diabetes.

First visit your doctor. Once it has confirmed it is diabetes, find out what type it is, whether type 1 or type 2. If you are adult, it would most likely be type 2.

Then get as much information as possible as knowledge is king.

Managing diabetes starts with managing the glucose cycle. Diabetes is basically the bodies inability to absorb the glucose existing in the body.

The glucose cycle in your body is affacted by two factors. The two factors are the entry of glucose into the bloodstream and blood levels of insulin to transport the glucose out.
The glucose level is very sensitive to your eating pattern or regimen and it is therefore of importance that this issue is discussed with your doctor. He will dictate to you the kinds of food you should desist from. These usual suspects are the oil saturated food and some types of carbohydrates. Remember that carbohydrates produce a lot of glucose and therefore must be clearly controlled.

A proper management will involve a complete change in your lifestyle especially when it comes to food consumption. This will not be easy but you have no option here. half of all amputations in America are diabetes induced. I am yet to include blindness, heart attacks and stroke! You have to be disciplined!

It will also involve engaging in exercise as a lack fo proper exercise and obesity also lead to the onset of this ailment. With a good exercise regime, your blood sugar levels will collapse to much normal levels.

There was the case of this Pacific Island nation where a high percentage of them are diabetics. Upon returning to their original diets, dating before the arrival of the white man, diabetes disappeared! Food does matter. And exercise.

It is essential that you monitor your blood sugar levels daily. We are quite fortunate today that we live in a period of time where it is possible for people to easily know their blood sugar levels due to the many handheld blood monitors available in the market. Endeavor to avail yourself of one of these.

If you notice your blood sugar levels high, increase your exercise and reduce your intake of harmful foods. This should bring it down. It will also indicate whether insulin is needed. Insulin intake is of utmost importance.

My aunt was diabetic before she died. She advised my uncle, her younger brother to take mints and he found it quite helpful. I am not recommending it however. Before trying anything new, always consult your doctor.

Diabetes in Pets

Most people have the misconception that only humans can develop diabetes.

This however is not true. Dear Hamlet, your mongrel can be diabetic. Pets to develop diabetes. This definitely can be downheartening but the pet owner should not think all hope is lost.

Many pet owners upon finding out that their pet is diabetic immediately wonder whether the animal would be put to sleep. This need not be necessary. It all depends on the age and the overall health of the pet in question.

Many pets diagnosed with diabetes have gone to lead very long and pleasant lives and yours should not be an exemption. You however have to put in time and a lot of commitment to achieve this.

Pets diagnosed with diabetes can live as long as non-diabetic animals and to achieve this simply means that appropriate attention is given to the pet when due. The pet owner must therefore be commited to the regimen and treatments provided by a skilled and equally commited veterinarian.
Feeding regimen must be adhered to strictly. The old practice where the cat or dog be fed one day and perhaps forgotten until a convenient time is no longer permissable nor acceptable. This can endanger the pet. The cat can not be "abandoned' at home when going on a long trip. She has to be taken along. Dear Hamlet can not be left with the neighbours casually again. The pets at this stage need a lot of extra care. You have to make sacrifices.

You can at this stage no longer take things for granted. It does not mean you have to give up your job or end your marraige. It requires that you pay attantion to any strange developments and take note of these changes and attaned to them immediately. Any sloth on your part can lead to serious complications and perhaps death. This ugly scenario can be prevented by simply adhering to the instructions already given.

Note that a diabetic pet means more money for the vet and the pet stores. This should also be put into consideration. Knowledge of this and its cost implications may determine whether you cut down on some of your expenses, or even buy a Do-it-Yourself health handbook or perhaps put the pet out of her misery. This last option should really be a last option!

Let me relate to you a story why vigilance counts.

There was a this man who had a monkey that he loved. He had a chain round its abdomen parmanently to keep it from running off.

Unfortunately, this chain at one point had been bound to tight and it began to cut the skin. The owner ignored it. The wound later turn light green but by then, the owner was too busy with other commitments.

Within a short time, the poor animal developed locked jaw. It had contacted tetanus. The poor thing eventually died.

Such trajedies start innocently and hence that is why great vigilance is needed from all members of the family.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Diabetes Epidemic Around Us


With obesity levels being at an all time high, the epidemic of type 2 diabetes is growing at an alarming rate, and will only get worse. This obesity is driven by the eaten of the wrong foods, a sedentary lifestyle and poor exercise habits.

Between 2001 and 2002, the diagnosis of diabetes went from 5.5 percent of Americans to an alarming 6.5 percent. In just one year!

Overall, twelve million Americans have been diagnosed and another 5 million Americans have diabetes and don’t know it. And yet another 12 millions are on their way to type 2
diabetes because of impaired glucose levels.

In 2008, six years after, the United States Centre for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the number of Americans plagued with full blown diabetes is a staggering 24million which is about 8% of the countries population.

Over 50million have blood sugar levels that now identify them as pre-diabetic. That over four times the 2002 high and also means that the situation is only bound to worsen if these ones like their predecessors do not take the necessary precautions to prevent the full blown onslaught of this ugly ailment

Not knowing is the worst because risks of untreated diabetes puts us at a terrible risk of complications including but not limited to blindness, amputations and ultimately death.
Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, amputations and blindness in the United States. It is not a disease to be taken lightly.

There have been scenarios where patients have preferred to die than be amputated.

The stickler is, that type 2 diabetes is almost completely preventable. Doctor’s say eat less, eat better and exercise. It is as simple as that but following this simply remedy in this stressed filled, me first, advert driven consumerist air that surrounds is not easy.

Statistically, people are now living longer, and it has been on the rise for years. But this will not continue if type 2 diabetes is not put under control.

America is a gluttonous society and ultimately it is affecting how we live and how long we live. With food cheap and with the poor eating more red meat than the rich, things will only get worse.

One may look at the the current high food prices as a God send. The truth is that it is yet to hit levels at which it will lead to a drop in demand or perhaps, food riots.

And sadly, the diabetes epidemic is not just a US problem. It is spreading gladly with epidemic reports in Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

It is estimated that by 2025, the number of people suffering from diabetes worldwide will surge to 380 million. And diabetes is now affecting more of the young and middle-aged population in developing countries between the ages of 40 and 59. It is no more simply a rich world disease as it was in the past

Learn About Diabetes

Diabetes is a growing predicament in this country, a very big predicament! With the
American population at an all time high in weight gain and a low in health care, the problem is only growing. It is out of control!

Diabetes is a disease of the metabolism. Our metabolism is the way our bodies use digested food for energy and growth.

Most food that is processed through our bodies is broken down by digestive juices into a sugar called glucose. Glucose is the fuel our bodies run on. That is why when one is weak, your doctor may prescribe you juice filled with glucose. It provides instant energy

When we eat, and our food is processed, the pancreas is expected to produce the right amount of glucose from our blood automatically and release the right amount of insulin
into our blood.

In people with diabetes however, this is not the case. Little to no insulin is produced.
Or alternatively, the body’s cells don’t respond correctly to the insulin that is produced by the pancreas. Therefore the glucose builds up and overflows into the urine and passes out of the body. Glucose is sweet and that is why the urine of a diabetic attracts ants. That was once the earliest means of detecting the disease.

The loss of glucose through the urine is how the body loses its main source of fuel even though the bloodstream contains good amounts of the natural glucose. That is why serious sufferers of diabetes have a tendency to fill weak. Their glucose levels are low.

There are available three types of diabetes, type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes but we will only focus on the first two in this article. People who have type 1 are known as insulin-dependent.

This is an autoimmune disease where the body’s natural system is fighting against another part of the body. In the case of type 1 diabetes, the body system attacks the insulin producing cells and destroys them. It is common in children and it is also called juvenile diabetes

Therefore the pancreas produces little to no insulin. These people are in need of daily injections of insulin to live. Five to ten percent of diabetes cases are type 1 in
the US.

More than 80% of the other cases of diabetes are called type 2 diabetes.
This is fuelled by poor eating habits and lack of exercise. That is why it is recommended that to end this type of diabetes, all is simply required is eating proper food and a healthy exercise routine.

It is mostly adults that suffer from this type of diabetes but it is increasingly now occurring in children, most likely due to the obesity plague affecting American children.

We strongly advise sufferers of type 2 diabetes today to eat not only the right food but exercise vigorously as well. Thank you

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Type 1 Diabetes In Children

Diabetes in children is also referred to as juvenile diabetes,but the more common name for it is type 1 diabetes. It is the mostprominent form of diabetes existing in children with a stunning ninety toninety-five percent of carriers being under people under the ages of 16.
Juvenile diabetes is caused by the inability of thepancreas to produce insulin. It is an autoimmune disease,which means or is caused when the bodies defense system attacks thebody’s tissues or organs.

In the past 30 years the number of juvenile diabetes hasincreased three folds over and in Europe and the US we arenow sadly seeing type 2 diabetes in children for the first time.
Obesity and lack of exercise easily explains type 2 diabetes, but not why there is such arise in type 1 diabetes in children. It is alleged that amixture of genetics and environmental factors are the triggers for juvenile diabetes. But the majority of children plagued with the ailment do not have a family history of diabetes.

The symptoms for type 1 diabetes in children are much the same as type 2 diabetes in adults. Weight loss, dehydration and thirst, fatigue, frequent urination istypical, but diabetes in children can also increase stomachpains, headaches and behavioral problems.
Doctors should consider the likelihood of diabetes inchildren who have inexplicable stomach pains for a fewweeks, along with the typical symptoms.

If you suspect your child may be experiencing thesehorrid symptoms, you should schedule them as soon as possible for a thoroughexamination and alert your doctor about your suspicions on what yourchild may have. Be sure to inform them about any and allsymptoms your child may be experiencing.